Cosby HS Meets Global HS via Google Hangouts 2Names/1Place


Our APHuGs (Advanced Placement Human Geography Students) were connected with Mr. Choi, Myoung Lyoul, an APHG/Regional Studies & Global Issues Teacher at Seoul Global High School and his students.  We first exchanged Pen Pal letters via Google Classroom/internet and spent a winter evening with each other via Google Hangouts/ FaceTime.  Cosby students were out for the winter/holiday break, while Seoul Global HS was in school.  We were able to chat with the teacher, students talk to each other and even had a “dance-off”/”Flossing”.  Global HS students were definitely the better dancers!  It was culture, ethnicity, language, political development “at its best”!  To date, they are still chatting with each other via Instagram, as I have been told that “Facebook” is for “old people”!

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