Why 2Names/1Place Theme?

Upon my arrival in Seoul and a tour of some major historic sites, I will be attending a two-day international conference (with 13 other delegate-teachers from across the United States), presenting and having our presentations published!  My conference presentation is entitled:


Many of us come from different places, we have different names, but my theme focus is on 2Names/1Place and Virginia’s Connections with South Korea through the study of AP Human Geography.  I first have to introduce myself and “where” I am from.


Did you know Chesterfield’s original name, and why it was changed?


In APHG, we learn all the countries of the world and look at many specific case-study  areas of the world.  We study the Korean Peninsula (North and South Korea – very much “in the news”), and we study Japan.  Do you know anything about Liancourt Rocks?


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