The Heart of Seoul

I am in the “Heart of Seoul”, South Korea and the 1st part of my journey is about over.  There is so much to share, but I only have limited time, at the moment.  The people are so gracious and their love for education and teachers is so overwhelming!  I am truly humbled!  Today I am traveling to the DMZ to be a part of “real-time history” and see a dividing place like no other in the world.  My hopes are that we can all come to an understanding the divisions are not good and we must find a way to bring our world to a better place.  Barriers are not the answer!  My thanks to the Northeast Asian History Foundation and Dr. Joseph Stoltman (Univ. Western Michigan) for making this trip possible for myself and my AP Human Geography colleagues!  I cannot wait for the remainder of our journey and to share all my wonderful pictures and stories!  It is a truly cultural memory that I will cherish forever!

Pictured below – traditional homes and w/downtown Seoul in background…changing of the guard at the Imperial Palace in Seoul, my presentation to the Northeast Asia History Foundation on Friday, 22 at conference, and meeting the wonderful daughters of Dr. Yoon at our “WELCOME to Seoul” dinner on the first night (:    Seoul & South Korea is such a wonderful place!


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